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Thread: any tips for a para on getting into an SUV?

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    any tips for a para on getting into an SUV?

    Now that I am turning 44, putting on a little weight, and not as strong and nimble as I used to be - - wondering if anyone has some good tips on getting into an SUV. I noticed this Handybar for sale ( but not sure it is useful. Looking for any tips and advice.

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    If you can stand I'd think that bar might help out with your balance, never seen it though so don't know much about it.
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    I am cerebral palsy and use a manual chair full time. I have had a Handybar for years and use it to get in and out of a Toyota Highlander. Would hate to be without it. And I wish I could go back to 44, I'm 60 years old.

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    Can you park next to a sidewalk? That's how I've done it all the years when I had to get into a truck or SUV. Works like an even transfer.
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    This is what I did so I could get into my Toyota Tundra. You need running boards, drawings a little crude, and not my truck. I no longer have the truck. This should work for a SUV too. I just transfer onto my little step-seat then into the driver's seat. The step-seat is not attached.

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    I have a SUV and put my right leg in first for the driver's seat. Left hand on the door, right hand on the seat. I use my leg as a pivot point so that when I depress with my right hand and pull up with my left hand, I pivot off my right foot and transfer in. I've done this method on my Honda CRV, Acura MDX, my friends, Chevy Tahoe, and one of my friends raised F250. I am a very strong T6/T7 para, so of course it may be different dependent on your strength and height of the SUV.

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