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Thread: Spina Bafida having to my New Born Baby

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    Spina Bafida having to my New Born Baby

    I have recently blased with a baby boy. He have Spina Bafida issue. Can some one tell me the cure and possible operation for it. ?

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    Spina bifida is not a curable condition. Surgery may be indicated but only to close the skin over the defect to help prevent any future infection to exposed cord tissue. It is critical that your baby get care from a physician and health care team that has experience in spina bifida care for the rest of his life. He can have a very active and fulfilling life if he has assistance in habilitation and proper care of his health.

    I am not familiar with resources on spina bifida in India, but in the USA this organization is very helpful:

    In addition, it may be possible to get care for your baby in the USA through Shriners' Hospitals spinal cord injury centers:

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