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Thread: Feedback from those with Pain Pumps

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    Feedback from those with Pain Pumps

    Hi there,

    After hoping something would change for the better with my pain situation I've come to the realistic conclusion a pump will be needed. For those with pumps already...

    1) how would describe your pain before you had you pump? Not neccessarrily burning/dull/etc but more in terms in how did it effect your life? Were you bed bound, housebound, miserable, slightly uncomfortable?

    2) to what degree did the pump help? What activities were you able to do after the pump vs before?

    3) did you experience any complications or side effects you weren't expecting?

    4) what have you found to be the best drug mix for you?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback and any other insights you may want to give to someone that is leaning towards a pump to manage pain.

    Oh ya also has anyone ever had any luck with the spinal cord stimulator? Everything I read on here makes it seem like the thing is useless.

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    To me the stim was worthless and caused problems with scaring int the cord snd a large tumor, required an excellent surgeon to remove and repair.

    I'm a walker. Have the large pump. Can't live without it but is not comfortable.

    I'm a complex pain person with Central Pain and a few othrt nasties, severe spastivity and a destroyed, screwed up sciatic/peroneal nerve problem,

    Helps with spaz, tha's about it. Baclofen, clonidine, midazolam (experimental). No pain relief to speak of. Have 2 friends that the pump has changed their life, and they have a life again. Not 100 percent but typically a 60 or 70 percent reduction except bad days.

    I presume you'll trial so will learn a lot then.


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    I had no luck with the stimulator. Stimulator position was revised three times, made no difference. It was removed.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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