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Thread: Am I the only one who pops wheelies while on my mini van lift?

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    This is Braun Entervan Dodge Caravan & my chair is an Invacare. I'm looking at getting a Honda. Yes, I use the kneeler.

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    Oh shoot. I totally misread that. I was thinking when someone was driving it. Okay, I'm an idiot. Ha ha. Providing you can control your center of gravity by leaning forward and being able to get yourself back up so you don't fall over forward in the van I don't see how that could be too dangerous. My center of gravity on my chair is far enough forward that I can tip my chair onto the tip bars if I get enough inertia sitting back. I do it a lot if I have something in my hands that would knock me forward where I'm really screwed. Sorry about that
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    I put roller-blade wheels on my tippers cause I ride wheelies up inclines all the time!

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    Yep, pop wheelies all the time. I don't use anti-tippers, I just go by feel. It's a balancing act. You have to push hard enough to continue up the ramp but no so hard that you can flip over. Leaning forward definitely helps with controlling the wheelies and allows you to push harder. That's why I hate it when a good samaritan thinks I need help up the ramp and comes up behind me and gives me a push without me knowing it. In the middle of a push, it screws up my balance and usually causes me to correct myself so I don't end up doing a face plant.

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    Is this with a power chair or manual?

    I have rollerblade wheels on my anti tippers as well, theyre very useful!
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    For me going up the ramp is not a problem I lean forward as I push up the hill in my manual chair. Going down is more of an issue with me falling forward. I think I will just back down the ramp. Safer for sure

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    Just got a used Dodge caravan with a Braun conversion and my chair lifts off even with the power kneel on, that is about the only problem I have left to resolve to be completely independent while driving.
    I am 6'2 and weigh 220lbs with a high center of gravity. I am trying different options, one is to pick up a bit of speed going up, grab on to the handlebar on the right side of the door and pull myself in, then grab on to the headrests as I make my way inside the van. I think this will eventually work if I can time it right every time, but this is certainly an issue with the these vans and conversions.

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    I pop wheelies down those ramps too. I haven't yaed anti-tippers in years. I guess it depends on your ability in your chair.
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    I have a backpack that is my travel bag, spare caths,etc and a bunch of stuff that makes it kinda heavy, I use it as a counter weight by holding a strap in my mouth and hanging it in front of my legs. This way center of gravity is more weighted to the front, makes a big difference.
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    It really disappoints me that one must practically perform acrobatics for ramps into mini-van conversions. A van conversion salesman once told me he would recommend a zx1 for manual chair users who have trouble using mini-van ramp. That's about $7,000 added to the vehicle conversion cost.
    Just wish the engineers would work on this.

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