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Thread: Am I the only one who pops wheelies while on my mini van lift?

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    Am I the only one who pops wheelies while on my mini van lift?

    Scary feeling. Tilt down, level pavement. Do you trust your anti-tippers to catch you?

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    What conversion package do you have on your van? Do you have/use the kneel feature when the ramp is down? Do you have the same problem on other inclines? Is your chair set up correctly?

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    I never completely trust my anti-tipper (it's adjusted to allow wheelies); I sort of trust it on even, level surfaces; I never trust it going up inclines. Without anti-tippers I've cracked my head several times - enough to always keep it on now. It has done its job many times, but I still remain cautious.
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    That's not normal or very safe. How do you lock down? Which chair do you have and where are you putting straps to use them? I'm unable to drive my van so I get strapped down when I go places. I'm using a Quickie Q7 and if the hooks for the strap aren't above the bar that the front wheels attach to, I'm doing wheelies and my chair will move around the whole bunch. It feels really awkward and I know it's not safe. If you use an electric lockdown system that I believe there is something wrong with it.
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    On my Honda Odyssey's ramp, I'm OK if I lean forward so that my chest is almost on my knees. If I'm sitting up much more than that, I'll tip back. The anti-tippers have caught me a few times. I tipped over backwards on the ramp two months ago when my anti-tippers were up (because I'd recently been helped up a flight of stairs). Fortunately my head hit the ramp which is much more forgiving than concrete. No injury.

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    Not sure of the question. Are you popping wheelies going up the ramp?

    I just purchased a braun entervan Dodge caravan. I just got it yesterday and started cleaning it up. It had or has some funk smell to it since it sat for over 3 years in storage. Anyways, I had my first little accident getting out of the truck. My issue is that I need to bend forward to clear the door opening as I go down the ramp. This made me lean forward as I rolled down the ramp. I started to gain speed and was afraid to grab the wheels quickly in fear I would fall out of my chair. Well as I hit the end of the ramp that was enough to tip me over landing on my knees and hands while watching my chair roll down the driveway into the street.
    I was lucky to have my neighbor notice me and come over to help. I guess I need to back down the ramp so that won't happen again. I don't think it would be so bad except I have to bend forward to clear the opening and being a T5 I can't straighten up quickly without loosing a little control of the wheels. And thats what happen, I was already heading down the ramp gaining speed as I cleared the opening.
    I guess its all a learning process of what I can and can not do with this van.

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    These minivan ramps do pose some hazards like that. some users have had to put in a winch to pull them up and in. I am about 6'1" and have a high center of gravity in a manual chair. I could wheel up the ramp on my 2005 Toyota Sienna IMS Rampvan. I would never attempt that in my 2014 Honda Odyssey BraunAbility van. It is definitely steeper and I find myself leaning forward as I go up in my power chair with its heavy base. I am going to check the slope one of these days.
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    The ZX-1 is great for minivan ramps. Our mobility dealer had my wife go up and down last time we serviced our full sized van lift. He liked it so much he wants to market them for people who have difficulty with the ramps.

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    I do the wheelies in my Dodge Caravan w/ Braun Entervan system. I think I'm going to be getting a Honda O. My chair is an Invacare.

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    Yes, I'm popping wheelies going up the ramp.

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