Hey everybody!

Ive been developing an app over the past few weeks which I think could be a huge help to our world in regards to ADA law conformance. I would love to get your opinion of the app and whether or not you would use it.

Here is a basic rundown of the app:
The app will make it easy for people to document specific instances where change is needed (ADA law violations). Users can then view and vote these "case studies" up and down. The app will rank the case studies based on importance and bring the most important case studies to the attention of the city. This app will democratize the system for choosing what needs to be worked on in a city and make it easy for cities to recognize the most important problems in their jurisdiction.

Ive attached a few images to give a better idea of how the app will work.

The purpose of this app is to make the world a better place for people with disabilities. I believe in many instances things are still not fixed not because the world hates us but because they are simply unaware of the issues. I think by simply taking a picture of the problem and describing it, a lot of these issues can be fixed.

I am looking forward to your opinions and advice.

Thank you,


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