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Thread: seat cushions good for protecting ishium

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    seat cushions good for protecting ishium

    if you've had a pressure sore in this area, what question has worked for you? Also, I'm interested to know if you were pressure mapped with your cushion. TIA!

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    Your best bet is to find a therapist who will do a seating evaluation with you. With that information you can find the right cushion for you and the right measurements for a chair. Personally I is the Roho but in the past I've had a custom cushion made for me by Ride Design. Pressure mapping with various cushions until you find the right one. Good luck
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    Hi Mary Jane,

    Rybread gives you good advice. I suggest you find a rehab hospital in your region that offers an outpatient seating clinic (sometimes called a wheelchair clinic). Most such seating clinics have a variety of demo cushions on-hand to try, and will offer pressure mapping as a component of your assessment. Every individual is unique, so there is no "best" cushion recommendation that can be made without going through such an individualized assessment. If you have any specific questions in regards to ROHO cushions, feel free to contact me directly.

    Good luck!

    Tom Borcherding
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