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Thread: loss of memory due to baclofen?

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    loss of memory due to baclofen?

    Has anyone had memory problems since getting on baclofen?

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    I'm not sure of loss of memory...Possibly. I did notice that I wasn't as sharp with my thoughts. Basically I hated being on it and it did nothing for me.
    I feel that in the medical community its a knee jerk reaction to put people on this drug.

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    So is your username your name or your choice of recreational intoxicant. If its the latter my guess it isn't the baclofen.

    In all seriousness I have been taking baclophen 20mg 3x a day for 4 years and haven't noticed any memory effects.

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    I haven't heard of it with Baclofen but will ask pharmacist tomorrow. Have heard can be a side effect with narcotics/pain pills and anticholinergics such as Oxybutynin and Topirimate is another.

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    I most definitely have memory problems with baclofen as well as I am just not as sharp or quick-witted as I am without it. I also use the wrong word/and or can't retrieve the correct work when talking. My kids are so used to me forgetting what they just told me that they roll their eyes and say "it's mom's baclofen"..Drives me crazy but going with/out is too uncomfortable physically.

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    Wow! I could've written that! I'm interested in hearing if this is normal for most. Thanks!

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    I am assuming you didn't have a brain injury also. And you have spasticity and that is why you were prescribed Baclofen? You could discuss with your provider and if you decrease dose &/or add Tizanidine. Try taking Vitamin B- all of them supposed to help with brain health.

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    I'd say yes too, it's kind of dulls my short term memory. For example when i'm in the shower thinking "have I just washed my hair?" or "have I just taken my bac?" 2 mins after just taking it, or had I ...

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    I do that... and I don't take Baclofen!!!! Thought I was just getting old with too much on my mind.
    But I WOULD talk with your doctor about it.!

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    Baclofen slugs me out physically and seems to have a slowing effect on me cognitively. I no longer use it for those reasons. Ain't nothing like crazy, painful spasms and spasticity to keep me sharp and focused. Ack.

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