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Thread: Baclofen pump ticking!?

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    call bom-b squad - CHECK for bom-bs lolol
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    Quote Originally Posted by mac85 View Post
    call bom-b squad - check for bom-bs lolol

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    Please check with your health care provider. While the rep is knowledgeable, I would feel more comfortable with the Provider knowing what is going on.

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    I am a ITB provider and I have never heard ticking- even in my very skinny pts. It does have rotors turning but I don't think you should be able to hear them. However, we have our pumps replaced when there is 6 months left on the ERI(Estimated Replacement Indicator) which is usually about 6.5 years. And there is no alarm when the motor stalls- it will show on the log. There is an Alarm set for low Volume- factory sets at 1 mls- we set at 2 mls. unless on very LOW daily dose. But that is it that is why you are educated about making sure you make your appointments and each refill you are to be told how long before it needs to be replaced. Your pump can totally not be working( plugged or totally displaced catheter) and it will not alarm! Only if below the low reservoir alarm.
    Also, I hope those with the Synchromed II or any Medtronic pump have received the letter re: Medtronic's agreement with the FDA via your provider. You can go to the Medtronic website for more information.
    If you haven't contacted your provider you should and they will interrogate it and make sure working ok then they will consult Medtronic also and file a report if needed. Or call the Medtronic Help desk- they are very knowledgeable.

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