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Thread: What movie can you watch over and over? And why?

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    What movie can you watch over and over? And why?

    One movie that I watch over and over, without ever tiring of it, is "Searching for Bobby Fischer".

    I love movies with nice endings. I love movies about geniuses because I always wished I were one. I love movies where good is good and bad is bad.

    What movie can you watch over and over? Why?
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    I have probably watched "Harold and Maude" at least 20 times. Such a sweet but wicked film. Love it!

    I always watch "It's a Wonderful Life" at least twice over the holidays. I'm a sucker for Jimmy Stewart!

    I know I have seen GWTW at least 10 times too.


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    For my wife its You've got mail.... I really like Frequency...

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    "A Christmas Story"...and recently, I've been stuck on "Pitch Perfect".

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    I've watched the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight trilogy more times than I can count. (Sunrise being my favorite) I've seen Across The Universe more than 25 times. There are more movies that I've seen a dozen plus times, but these stick out the most.

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    It's a Wonderful Life during the holidays and Grease anytime.

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    Dude Where's My Car. I think I have watched it 100 times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Dude Where's My Car. I think I have watched it 100 times.
    And thennn....and thennnn....and dennnn!

    I could watch Hitman over and over. Olga Kurylenko and lots of guns? Yes please.

    I can also recite The Princess Bride in its entirety, scene for scene.

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    I've yet to tire of watching the Harry Potter movies. Although, with 4 kids between 19 and 8 years old I've watched more movies than I can count more times than I can count! For Just me (whatever the kids are OCD'ing at the moment not withstanding) Serenity, and the Firefly series in general, have been worn out and re-bought twice! Recently I've atched Joss Whedon's cut of Much Ado About Nothing a half dozen times. Although, the most watched movie of all my 43 years has to be either The Wall or Empire Strikes Back.
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    1. Any of the Bourne trilogy but especially Bourne Identity for that scene where he rides the corpse down a huge staircase.
    2. Ghostbusters for "Human sacrifice ! Dogs and cats, living together ! Mass hysteria !"

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