Sci nurse or anyone with a relatable situation.

I am having severe issues with pain in my feet. Even more so than the typical nerve pain I have had since my c5/6 incomplete injury 2 years ago. I have reason to believe its more of a circulation issue compared to typical nerve pain. Most notably because I can be having a good day nerve pain wise but then if I fall asleep in my chair for even 15 minutes I wake up to horrible prickles in my hands and especially my legs. And this has happened seemingly 100 times and every time it's the same. Ps I know I'm an idiot for letting it happen but when you're on the meds it's easy to drift off without warning.

Anyways my thought would be that my respiration slows down and with more compressed atrophied legs, that when I drift off the circulation slows and causes the pain. I also tend to wake up with the same pain in the morning now and it often doesn't get better til a warm shower which I again am assuming gets the blood flowing again.

Does this sound right? I've started wearing the stocking again to see if that changes anything. What can be done? Are there tests that measure peripheral circulation? And if all my assumptions are true can the condition be corrected via blood thinners or surgery or something else?

Thanks...just trying to get a better idea before I talk with my doc next week. The pain is becoming intolerable.