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Thread: Ants biting me in sleep - paraplegic here

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    Ants biting me in sleep - paraplegic here

    I searched for posts regarding this issue but found not much information. I am an sci for 11 years and for the last two months when going to bed, I wake up in the morning with ants biting on my flaccid leg. I had my sugar checked and I have no diabetes. By the way, the ants are those types that are small and not the usual ones that we see in dining tables. I have asked helped to change beddings and linen but they just keep coming back biting me in between the big toe, sometimes below my hamstring and some just anywhere they can find their way through. I now wear knee high socks while sleeping. I also apply liberal amounts of off lotion to repel the ants. If anyone has similar experience, can you let me know what could this problem be?
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    Call an exterminator! or get ant killer and put on outside(granules) and whatever you can on the inside that you can. You shouldn't have ants in your house!

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    Are you sure they are not bedbugs? Most ants do not bite people and the ones that do, like fire ants, bite when threatened. If they are bedbugs, you have a major problem. You need to get the insects identified by a professional.
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    Since the OP is posting from a tropical country, he is undoubtably dealing with a different type of ant than what we might see in North America. Expecting in such a region to be able to exclude all such insects from your home is not very realistic.

    Geckos provide a good amount of ant control in such regions, so promoting them living in your home may help. You might also explore the use of a sticky ant barrier (in the USA this is called "Tanglefoot") on the legs of your bed, and being sure your bed does not touch the walls otherwise.


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    Happened once to me and I determined it to be the listerine mouthwash we were using to clean my drainage bag.
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