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Thread: Is it possible for quads to use Priceline?

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    Is it possible for quads to use Priceline?

    I have never used Priceline, I'm wondering if anyone with significant accessibility needs has used it. And if there is a way to
    enter a bid that would still leave you eligible for an accessible room.
    I have stayed in many accessible rooms, but have always had to line all that up before hand, and as a result, generally pay a premium for a room.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.


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    Good discussion topic. To broaden the discussion, wondering about experiences with all of them Priceline, Trivago, Hotwire, BookIt, Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, etc.

    All the best,

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    I have used one of the services listed above but only when I am pretty certain which property I am booking (most like Priceline do not tell you). Most do not let you book an accessible room, or even tell you if the hotel even has these, so I like to check the probable properties out on their own website first. Once you book, then you need to IMMEDIATELY call the hotel directly and be sure that they know you want to have only an accessible room, and that you have that specific room "blocked" so it will be saved for you on your reservation dates. It is a little risky if you have very specific needs (such as no platform beds or only a roll-in shower).


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    I've used Priceline A LOT! You have to book your room first and then call the hotel AFTER you reserve your room and tell them you need an accessible room. In the rare case that none are available, Priceline will cancel your reservation and refund your $. This only happened to me once out of like 30 times.

    A lot of times I waited until I showed up to ask for an accessible room because the front desk people seem more willing to work for you when you are sitting in front of them.

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    I've used priceline several times, and always called the hotel directly as soon they notify me to reserve the accessible room with roll in shower etc.
    One time I had an issue where the hotel had messed up and already rented out my room, the hotel got me a room at another better hotel and covered all the costs !
    So in my experience it has worked well so far.

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