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Thread: time to buy new wheelchair

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    time to buy new wheelchair

    I have been nursing the same Invacare wheelchair for the last 15 years. It has gearless brushless motors which are silent and it goes pretty fast it's got jumbo front casters and 5 inch wide rear wheels so it does handle the outside terrain pretty well.

    It goes through anything but sugar sand and I can hop a curb by popping a wheelie, it's a very powerful machine.

    My housekeeper broke my w/c and I was in the kitchen going in circles at a very high speed. Turned power off and was stuck facing the refrigerator from about 2' away, can't move. Think about it awhile and throw myself on the floor, get stuck between the refrigerator and chair, smashed my face. etc. etc.

    Now it's time to getting another wheelchair and I believe I can choose from these companies: Pride, Permobile and Sunrise.

    I have good insurance, as Blue Cross Blue Shield but is not a supplement its my secondary because by law if you're on SSDI Medicare must be your primary.

    What wheelchair do I want? And what's the best way to get it?

    Thank you for all and any help.

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    In order to get Medicare to pay for your chair, you will need to have an evaluation by a RESNA certified therapist (PT or OT), who will then recommend a specific chair or chair features for you. Often they work with vendors to arrange demos as well. The therapist would need to then write your letter of medical necessity, very specific to all features of the chair, and your physician would need to sign this letter. Medicare then decides which of the chair features they will pay for. It is a tedious and complex process.

    A lot of people here have Permobil chairs. My mother had a C400 and loved it.


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    From what I've learned, Medicare will be willing to get you a brand new *indoor* power chair. Have you considered getting the one that has served you so well rebuilt?
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    That is correct. Medicare does not consider features of a chair that would make it usable in outdoor areas, esp. off pavement, as a medical necessity.


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    No, they don't repair Invacare gear less brush less motors anymore, why i have been nursing it for so long. I will kick in the extra $ to get 'my chair' from the minimum, Medicare. I also have Full BCBS.

    Fell Friday went to ER, who said I twisted my knee. Went back Monday because of AD from pain andv was admitted because they missed the broken leg, broken rib and punctured lung. Then sent me home with no pain pill after cob on Friday.

    Now instead of going to a wheel chair seating they will come to me because with a broken leg and no cast how the hell do the expect me to function.

    I'm a C6, 32 years post and have always lived alone, no attendant care. And I know you need a prescription from whomever to get a new wheelchair even though I still have two push chairs.

    Just wanted suggestions, when you go to a Medical Supply store they know the system better than the Government.
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