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Thread: Stretch lead to intense foot pain

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    Unhappy Stretch lead to intense foot pain

    Hello again, needing Help!

    Ok...I can feel intense pain ppl! caregiver was rotating my ankle...she's so clueless about this condition...and I explain to her but things go in one ear and come out the other. So...I could tell my foot was not as loose as usual..when she was making circles...the foot would have a point of stiffness and a loose point as well. I asked her to balance the turn...and go a little more on the stiff side and less on the loose side..anyway...she didn't listen..was going fast and turned my foot/ankle to the max in both directions....and then I felt intense pain...I was squinting and begging her to stop..she did...I was done...I didn't let her rotate the other ankle..she's very rough...and ...God bless me with a new caregiver!
    Ok...went to bed...took percocet...woke up...felt better. Did my own stretching...not trusting anyone anymore!

    At night got on my fes bike, passive mode. I was curious if foot would was ok, until it started going fast, and bam...pain again. Sometimes even brushing my toe gives me intense pain... Is this nerve pain? Did I tear a ligament or tendon? Could something have broken? it feels like someone is hitting the sole of my foot with a hammer...really hard..and it is not constant but moving my ankle causes more pain...any touch causes foot resting now against pillow...making my foot hurt...feel my toes are being hammered.

    Planning on doing tests...x ray..mri?

    Thank y o u!
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    You need an exam by a physician and at least an Xray. You may have a fracture, or a ligament or tendon injury.


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    Thank you!

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    Also...even loud sounds make my foot hurt...

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    Can it be plantar fasciitis?

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    Got an MRI of ankle..everything fine. Im going to have one of my foot also..but an MRI doesn't show Nerves!! what? If it's nerve pAIN then what? what if a nerve got pinched or something??

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    Ok, did a foot MRI too and everything is OK! yey but nay! I mean it still hurts. The podiatrist is offering me steroid that smart? He doesn't even know where to shoot me lol. What are your suggestions?

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