I'm 62 Cauda Equina, Spasticity ( severe spams only partially managed via IT pump), Severe Central Pain a curse with no viable treatment. Have managed to work, but my performance is slipping, in sales now, great history of performance.

the SCI is just taking too much, the doctors, the pain, lack of sleep. Not even sure what I'm asking for but what to do? Could go on SSI disability but honestly I'm broke barely
hanging on. There is no insurance settlement to help. Live in CT incredibly expensive place to live, wife seems to not really understand, just "get a better job". We have young grandchildren in town, she'll never move either for my health, get out of the cruel NE climate, or $$ because of the grandchildren and also feels she's to old to fit in at a new place.

How do you all manage this type of transition? Upset, nervous which exacerbates the already intolerable pain.

Borders on a whine, apologies, but are there any ideas out there?