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Thread: Reversing scoliosis and keeping fit

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    Reversing scoliosis and keeping fit


    I need advice on muscle stimulators, and their names. I want to attach stimulators to my stomach for example, and I want my stomach to contract just like when I have a spasm. What kind of an electrical stimulators are they, please mention names.

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    I am also looking for a better, stronger estim machine these 9volt battery ones just don't cut it. Before you say that DE-nurveated muscle won't fire on a complete quad, I know with enough power they will. In the early 80's when I was first injured I had a Myoflex machine that I used to estim my entire body. I did my abs, quads, triceps, glutes and all other major muscle groups with no problem. Everything fired and moved even against weights, I would put ankle weights on and stimulate my quads to lift the weight.

    I have heard of a Russian stimulator being used in the bodybuilding industry and I believe they are stronger.

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    "Hetero darting"- hello Darty...! my Dragon speech dictate interpretation... ha ha ha ha

    so the units are called E-stim, thanks! Myoflex.. I remember reading something about that once. I wonder what the Russian one is called. are you still using it today, or have you migrated to other exercises. I wish I could have my own pool… Heated pool. I hear it's one of the best things for spinal cord injured people... and there is not a single pool that is adequately heated up around me. Sigh..

    right now I am on a mission to establish a workout room for myself... I will build, I will have someone build an 8 x 8' platform mat for me... and get a lot of those pads and weights... have a twin size hospital bed now and I'm very happy that he has a remote control, but I can't do anything in this bed and I know I need more motion... that is a can get my stretches done but nothing else.

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    I really doubt you have seen or will find a Myoflex machine any more. I used mine from 1980 to 1990 or so and got rid of it. It was a huge machine the size of a microwave oven (some of the older quads in here may have seen one) and could give off enough power with these large pads soaked in Epson salts and water to raise a dead man. lol... You can see it in the background of this photo, I am peddling a homemade electric bicycle (before Moto Med) and estiming my triceps with the Myoflex

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    If you're willing to spend $3000 plus this is a good unit I have one, very strong contractions even at low settings. Also has tens setting.

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    Check out Galileo by Stim Designs. It's not e-stim, but it might be of interest to you.

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