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Thread: Ghost hunting again - Sporadic AD

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    Question Ghost hunting again - Sporadic AD


    I need advice. I get sporadic, random short termed AD events each day. I don't know what it is. I can be sitting down in my chair, and all of a sudden AD comes. I go into panic mode which in my case means set on solving what's going on, I check my urine bag, if that's okay, I have my caregiver check my butt, if there is nothing then I go into OMG mode. i highly doubt that it is a UTI. Had 2 bowel movements today, so it can't be that either. I asked my caregiver to look at my skin on my butt, and there are no red marks or pressure sores. what can it be? It seems that sitting upright can encourage those AD moments. I wear loose pants, and the cushion on my chair seems to be okay. I have let go of taking 1 Percocet/day to discourage the constipation and impaction my body got used to. unfortunately, this does not seem to make a big difference in the hard pebbles i produce. I eat very healthy with fruits and vegetables, chicken, homemade soup, milk, herbal teas, hummus, feta cheese, and seed brown bread or white flower tortillas for bread.

    Should I take an MRI of everything below my chest? I don't have good sensation below my chest. 6 years post accident, c6/7, asia B, no grand returns.

    Can AD manifest like chronic pain?
    The AD i get is a sign of pain...but If it comes and goes, this means that the pain comes and goes as well. what causes pain to manifest in this way? I also feel nausea, but it does not happen when you have AD, but after or before.
    Posture? I had the same one for a long time.

    I take nausea meds.

    I would appreciate any guesses or test I should be engaging in. I doubt it's a UTI, as a take D-mannose to prevent any urinary tract infection.


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    When you say your seating is OK, does that mean you have had a recent seating evaluation?

    Other possible causes of AD include broken bones, chronic dislocations, and yes, things going on in your belly. Do you have any other symptoms of abdominal problems such as increased abdominal spasticity, fever, chills, shoulder pain (esp. left shoulder pain)?? An abdominal ultrasound (not an MRI) is usually sufficient to rule out things like gallbladder or appendicitis problems.

    Did you just suddenly stop taking your Percocet after being on it for a long time? I have seen opioid withdrawal cause AD in the past.

    A syrinx can also cause AD. Have you been checked for that??


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    Thank you for your reply. I have not had a sitting evaluation in about two years. but I do feel like my positioning is a tad bit different. I am always advised to sit up straighter, but due to being uncomfortable, and getting tired more quickly, I always set my back at a slight angle to relieve the pressure on my neck. I will most likely get a permobile wheelchair, and that has such a comfortable looking back. Not to mention it has more support. I will be also getting the butterfly straps to hold my shoulders as I stand and for safety.

    broken bones... wow... I would think if I had something broken I would have AD that would not stop, but I have talked to quadriplegics who had broken something and didn't know it.. which is also scary.

    What are chronic dislocations?

    If I had a cyst.. would it show on the ultrasound? Thank you for letting me know that an ultrasound is a good idea for that end (gallbladder or appendicitis problems). so what are MRIs good for? I have had so many CT scans and x-rays that my doctor is very cautious.

    I took half a Percocet last night after I wrote you...I needed some help to sleep also and if Percocet was the culprit then I wanted to pacify my body.I don't feel I have a problem letting the drug go...but my body maybe does.

    as for the syrinx, I had imaging done and the doctor said they were inconclusive because of all the hardware I have in my neck so I never got definite yes,and I got more of the no. Even if I did have one, it would be more dangerous to treat then to leave alone doesn't always fix and can make things worse. I also had to brain surgeries to get rid of an aneurysm you can imagine that I am not excited about having another surgery .

    But I got an answer from my urologist that I do not have a UTI, as I thought.

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    Are you constantly nauseous? If so you may have gallbladder disease. Which would show up on ct and on ultrasound. Are you absolutely sure you have no skin issues? Any tight clothing? Check for all of the usual suspects first.
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    i have episodes of nausea...all last week. Yesterday I felt a wave was gonna come, but it didn't. Not due to my period for sure. Gonna do ultrasound today..nothing usually shows up..

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    My husband eats raisin bran everyday. He hates it and is sick of it but it works. Off topic I know and different things work for everyone.
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    Any news from the ultrasound?
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    everything is fine...i'm going to do a hip mri...but i doubt anything...then my doc said she'll have me talk to my neurologist...

    BY THE WAY...i'm using the two balloon cath...and the other night it got clogged..a clot of blood was clogging it...could it have caused me these Ads? when i got it insured in me, the balloons were blown..the pee was draining but i could feel a passing discomfort...i was worried the cath's 4 cc ballon would migrate in my sphincter...maybe it did..and that's why the blood! I went on my regular 1 balloon cath...that caused lesions in my bladder...! I'm so upset...nothing works! i want a great healthy bladder..

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    Yes that could have caused it. I would talk to your urologist again.
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    Any irritation can cause AD

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