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Thread: wheelchair van question

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    wheelchair van question

    I have been in a chair for 2.5 years and not had a car since the accident. I just bought a used Braun caravan and want to see if I can get the drivers seat to swivel so I can transfer easier.

    Anyone on here have any suggestions? I I would love for the drivers seat to swivel around so I can transfer and swivel back around.

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    You can get this modification done at your local van modification company. You probably want to get a seat that slides back into the cabin as well as swiveling to give you sufficient room to do this. This is usually called a 6-way transfer seat.

    Is your new van modified at all? A lowered floor is usually required to install one of these.

    Here are some examples:


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    A mobility dealer can install a seat base that slides front to back, rotates forward to right, and elevates up and down. I've seen a few on ebay and (There's nothing on there now).
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    Yes its a braun so it has I think a 10 inch drop, side ramp, and the kneeling feature.

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    You should be able to find a used either B&D or Ricon transfer seat locally without a problem.

    Another option would be to remove the passengers seat and transfer into the drivers seat.

    As it is some people with a transfer seats opt to do it this way making it much easier to transfer.

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    There's also manual swivels that can be bought at many car part stores.

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    I will be posting a Braun 6 way soon. Sorry no pics yet (that's why I don't have it listed). It's in nice condition. The rails were in the way for our application so I took it out. I will want $400 for it though. Cost me that much to replace the driver seat base with a standard power unit.

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    Google seat swivels. My motor home has them and custom vans too. Probably buy one and have a local mechanic put it in for $50 or go to a DME and pay a grand.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I like the cheap swivel. I don't get the van for a few weeks so I haven't played around with the seat yet. I have a lot of torso spasticity which likes to sabotage my transfers because of this I want to make the transfer as easy as possible.

    I was worried because the braun set up has the front two chairs on a fab'd pedestal that compensates for the drop in the floor. I guess I will know more when I actually get the van and start messing around with it. I never thought I would be owning a mini van sigh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfx View Post
    ...I don't get the van for a few weeks so I haven't played around with the seat yet...
    You definitely want to get the van first so you can scope it out. I think you'll find cheap swivels won't work because a minivan is too narrow to have enough clearance around the seat. The seat back will hit the door/wall preventing you from rotating. The Braun unit in our van was mounted at a good angle. As the seat moves back it also moves to the center. You can't rotate all the way until the seat is all the way back. See Braun Installation guide where they specify to mount it at about a 5 degree angle.
    There may be some newer designs that can rotate without mounting the track on an angle, but these units are very expensive new.

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