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    Question hand rims

    I'm tired of vinyl coated hand rims; Two sets have peeled something awful! I can't afford the real expensive ones or don't want anything too "tacky" feeling. I'm considering foam. Does anyone know if the foam is tough like the covering on swing-away arm rests or is it soft, fragile foam like a Nerf ball? I think I'd like it if it were like my arm rests, which is also the covering I have on my foot rest. Thanks all!

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    I use sparkle foam, but they eventually peel that's unavoidable. They're not good with wet hands or wet weather either but the grip is great.

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    You may find that more expensive but more durable covered rims are actually less expensive over their life cycle. My expensive Q-grips are in great shape at twice the life of the preceeding vinyl coated rims. At this rate of damage, I see no reason they should not last at least 3-4 times as long as the vinyl coated rims.

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    Thanks WHEELAS416 and endo_aftermath for responding. You could have a point, "endo" about cost. It would still be nice to have an answer about whether the "foam" I "see" is rugged like my swing-away arm rests. They and my footrests are years old and show no wear! "Somebody" should make push rims out of THAT if they haven't already.

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    Thanks a lot! The bbraver ones look particularly interesting, and what a great story! Trying to find out more.
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    Hi, I live in the same province (Quebec) as the bbraver company and I made contact with the owner. I will report here as soon as I can get my hands on a pair to try.
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    That would be GREAT! Thanks, JGNI!

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    I'm going to RehaCare in Germany (trade show) this weekend, so I'll likely get to see some in person too - will update when possible.

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    Yes Jeff, Marco Pilotto is already in D?sseldorf.
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