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Thread: I'm I too hot or cold?

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    I'm I too hot or cold?

    Anyone else experiencing the same problem. I can sit in the sun for long times in 100 degree hot weather and feel fine. A few times I have gotten overheated, but at those times I felt hot and overheated. And in Seattle at night I would use a blanket, a sheet, and a heavy comforter. And all through the night I felt toasty warm.

    But the last few years when I'm in bed just using a sheet and one light blanket. When my arms are covered. I can feel like I am freezing cold, I can even be shivering very bad. I can turn up the heat, I can add a blanket, but I just feel colder. I often check my temperature and it is about 97.5 or there about, my normal temperature is about 96.5. I am so sure that I am cold, my arms feel like all the hair is standing up and my body is shaking. Then I realize what must be happening, that I'm overheated. So I uncover my arms and at first, when the air gets my arms I feel even a bit colder. But as my arms cool off they start to feel better, no longer hot or cold. But then in the middle of the night they get cold again from being uncovered. So it is damned if I do, damned if I don't.

    I was shaking so bad this morning after I got up I could not even drive my chair. I did not relax until I got in the sun. Yet I know I'm too hot, not cold. I'm so frustrated.

    I'm not sweating, or have cold spots on my arms like when I get dysreflexic. No matter if hot or cold, I shiver like crazy.

    Any ideas? Thanks, Greg
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    I have days where I am cold and hot. Some nights I get wicked night sweats, and then freeze later on. Maybe its our condition and age. It only happens to me once in awhile.

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    I’m just getting so frustrated. I wake up like 5 times a night. I wake up just shaking, feeling like I’m freezing cold. I would bet everything that I’m cold. But if you feel my arms, they are very warm. Though my temp is normal. I’m so shaky, I can’t even drive my chair right after I get up, my arms are just too shaky. All this just from using a sheet. But after I uncover my arms and cool off, I start feeling better. Until I really get cold from being uncovered. It feels exactly the same, so I never know what I truly am, too hot or too cold.

    The weird thing is, the only thing that helps either one, is going out to sit in the sun. I can be outside while it’s 100 degrees. If I’m in the shade. I never feel this way when I get overheated outside. I really feel hot.

    I can’t stop my shaking, either way. I don’t even know what could possibly help. Or what type of doctor could help.

    Any ideas?
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    Other than the higher temp any UTI symptoms? Sores? It sounds like you may have a fever?
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