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Thread: Returning Funded Powerchair?

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    Returning Funded Powerchair?

    Hi all. Trying to find out what the laws are about returning a powerchair, after you signed for it. I got a Permobil C3000, after nearly a YEAR of BS from Medic-Cal/Healthnet insurance and the vendor. I had asked for a mid-wheel, so thought I was getting the C500. It came this way, front wheel, and also doesn't fit that well, so they've been trying to modify it a bit for that. It got dropped off, and I signed. Ugh. I never got to use it until then, and now I'm finding out it's basically an indoor chair. I need one for almost all outdoor use. Worst of all, it goes only 5 mph. I thought 6.5 was going to be horrid, this is ridiculously slow. I have a fast, strong Shepherd, and it's walking speed. If I stop suddenly, it feels like it could lurch forward, and I read that going in grass, or hills, it's problematic. I don't know what to do. I use primarily a manual, love TiLite, and I was hoping to use the powerchair for doing dog agility and other sports. Definitely too slow for that!

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    Call the dme and tell them they ordered the wrong chair!
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    From what I'm reading, I think this is what it would have been downgraded to with funding. Maybe that's what happened. I wasn't familiar with Permobil chairs that much, and tested one out a year and a half ago, that was either an M something, or a faster mid drive. I don't mind front wheel, that could be ok, it's the speed for sure that sucks. I doubt I can upgrade the speed after it's made. And it costs like a grand.

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    The C500 is front wheel too. You need an M...whatever, and a midwheel is absolutely horrid as an outdoor chair. Rear wheel is best followed by the front.
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    They can turn the speed up there are govenors on them
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    Talk to the vendor. It is likely that Medi-Cal/Healthnet did not approve the chair you requested, but the vendor should have notified you of the denial of the chair you wanted before it was actually ordered. Unfortunately, I think once you accepted it (and signed for it) there is little you can do to get it replaced any time soon, unless you can convince the vendor to go to bat for you with HealthNet.


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