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Thread: Power wheelchair reviews

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    Power wheelchair reviews

    Hi All

    So I am still looking for a power wheelchair and was wondering if there are any wheelchair review sites that are up to date. The sale woman is recommending a Invacare TDX SP but I have only seen bad reviews, so I'm looking at a Permobil M300 and even possibly a standing wheelchair C500 VS or Levo C3. Also I am planning to user the chair for primarily in the snow so would like some recommendations for that.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have you tried this one?


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    I have been using an M300 for over two years. It has been a good chair that only has had a couple of minor problems.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    I received my Permobil M300 last month and have been meaning to write a full review on it. Hopefully by the end of the month.

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    Hi Mikey we are getting demos by Redman and permobil both standers should see both by the end of the month
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    I have the M300 and C500/ them both...great dependable issues..
    Louie Gonzalez
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    Thanks for the responses everyone!

    I look forward to your reviews and hopefully I will get a demo M300 to test myself.

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    Anyone with a C300? I just got that, and I was thinking it was the C500 I was getting. Seems ok, but it's a front wheel drive, and SLOWER than molasses

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    I've had a C500 for about a year without problems. I was surprised to see how much i use the elevating feature. My voice is pretty weak and its great to be able to be at a standing height at gatherings (and bar tables!) Its probably a better outdoor chair than the 300 due do its additional weight. It is slow though. They offer a speed kit.

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    Have a Permobil C300. While the chair mechanically may be okay, the back absolutely stinks. I think it destroyed my shoulder mobility to the point where I probably had an unnecessary shoulder surgery. Sitting with what is essentially an inflexible piece of plywood so to speak that goes from your butt to your neck many hours a day for several years is just brutal. The back flat with no side to side curvature and the laterals that come with the chair are insufficient to provide adequate stabilization, while the add on laterals are so big and obtrusive you cannot do anything in the chair requiring any side to side movement, such as working at a desk in reaching for something. The lumbar pads included do not do anything to accommodate your spinal column and the chair, if configured for tilt/recline leads to an exhausting and painful forward leaning posture.

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