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Thread: Power wheelchair reviews

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    We had an invacare stander demo at the house, my son really liked it. they took his measurements, but it is too heavy for him and the chair for our lift (rated at 600) the chair only was 450. but we are going to check all the other manufacturers. This one seemed to be alot of belt and suspenders for keeping him in the chair other standers I have seen done seem to have as many straps
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    Thumbs down Redman Power Standing Chair Review

    I just posted this review at - thought I'd share it here also.

    If I could give this a rating of zero stars I would. My husband has had the Redman Chief 107-ZRx for a as of 11/01/14. He has had nothing but trouble with it. In addition to being poorly made, the customer service at Redman is virtually non-existent. More than once he has been "stuck" in a position because some module has malfunctioned and he has had a "bad cable" error since the day he got it. Sam Redman said to not worry about the error, that if they needed to replace the cable "in the future" they would. Redman couldn't be faster responding to our inquiries BEFORE the chair was purchased. Now they will not return calls and getting parts for the durable medical equipment company to come and fix the chair is nearly impossible. Unfortunately my husband is "stuck" with this chair for 4 more years because it is one of only 2-3 chairs that will fit in the allotted space of his GoShichi conversion pick-up truck. We have recently sought the help of the agency who helped purchase this chair in hopes that they might be able to get some resolution of the ongoing issues. Do yourself a favor and cross Redman off of your list of possible wheelchair manufacturers for a future chair. Their product is an inferior one and their customer service is some of the poorest I have ever seen.

    We are at the point with this situation that we are almost ready to enlist legal counsel. Sadly, it looks like we are "stuck" with this piece of junk for another 4 years. Oh and most recently . . . the bolt for the EZ-Lock broke off up inside the chair, so until we get a response from Redman along with parts so the DME repair company will come out, Danny is basically "free-floating" in his truck while driving. Definitely not safe!

    I've already started researching wheelchairs that have a base that is no wider than 23 inches, which seems to be the "magic number" that will fit the GoShichi.

    If anyone has any suggestions for a positive resolution, please reply!
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    I got the C300 when I had explicitly requested a mid-wheel. So I tried it a couple days, and HATED it. So slow it was ridiculous, and doing evasive maneuvers with my dog felt like I could tip over easily. I couldn't get used to maneuvering with one. So they got me the M300. I've had it a couple months now, and it's for sure better. Still pretty damn slow, though I really tried to see if they would upgrade me, since it took a freaking YEAR to get the chair with insurance, the DME both screwing up so much. Alas, it's 6 mph. The headrest keeps falling off. I was in rain once, not heavy at all, now the front casters sound like they're rubbing metal on metal. I'm always tightening screws on things. So having a bit of trouble, but other than that I like it.

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    Lightbulb Is it possible to convert C500 to a turret-type seat to use in small Goshichi space?

    My husband has this idea . . . if he backs in his C500 into the Goshichi 23-inch-allotted space where the ramp lifts him up, it fits! If there was some way to modify the C500 to have the seat "spin around" so that he could essentially drive his truck with the seat backwards from normal usage, it would work and we could ditch the Redman all together. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It sounds brilliant at first glance, but I'm wondering 1) is it practical? 2) is is DOABLE? Thanks.

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    This is the best power wheelchair comparison I've encountered Although your choice is heavily dependent on personal needs and preferences this will give you a great idea of what to look for.

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    I got my c300 more than 10 years ago. I had the whole seating system custom made, so I use a roho on a solid seat pan + a jay 2 back. The only drawback is not having a headrest when tilted back (so I lean on walls or pile up pillows). Hate headrests anyway.

    I did, at some point, have to replace the control panel/joystick. Rear caster flutters badly at top speed (slow 5mph) and starting to do same at 4. Chair is OLD but still chugging. My 5 year old invacare pos (torque) has been used for maybe a mile & I've had it serviced 3 + times - never using it. Was told the motor seems to be going - really, 1 mile in 5 years! Unusable!
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