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Thread: Freewheel in snow.

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    Freewheel in snow.

    Hey all!

    So, I am trying to investigate a few options for the upcoming winter Have any of you use a Freehweel in the snow? Thoughts? What about these?

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    Hi WG, I built some of these skis for my casters many years ago before the FreeWheel because I was curious too. Turns out they were not very effective or practical. When comparing their use in the snow with a FreeWheel there really was no comparison. If you visit the FreeWheel facebook page you'll see many happy customers gushing over how it works in the snow. Pat

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    I've had good success with both depending on the condition/situation, I would say that they both have advantages over the other, but that the wheelblades are only better in a very narrow application (like one specific example), and the FreeWheel is better in the vast majority of conditions.

    The wheelblades are really good if you're going skiing, and need them for going from the chalet across groomed, hard snow, and need to keep the front of your chair unobstrocted to be able to get up to your sit-ski and transfer in. They let you get up close, and to face the sit-ski (which is how I personally transfer in).

    The FreeWheel is a vastly more versatile product, but there is an issue with having it extend out in front of your chair when you're transitioning from day chair to sitski or (to a lesser degree) if you go inside to take a break or have something to eat at a chalet. The issue is easily resolved in the last two examples, because you can very easily remove the Freewheel when you go inside. When transferring though, if you take the Freewheel off, your castors will sink into the snow, which for me causes an issue transferring.

    I would recommend the wheelblades in the very narrow application of going skiing, and even then, the only real advantage that they have is that they might let you get up a bit closer when you're transferring. Even at the ski hill, they're definitely not as good as the Freewheel in most scenarios, like for ungroomed or soft snow (if you want to go for a hike), going through the ski village or back to your car from the lifts.

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    I don't know how good it would be in snow, but this is in interesting way of using a Freewheel:

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