It's come up in discussion recently that third-party parts aren't always a good colour match with each other. I've mentioned that I don't think the green of my Spinergy LX spokes is a particularly good match for the green of my FrogLegs soft roll castors. Which isn't surprising, since they're made by different companies and there's no single universal value of "green". But for informational purposes I thought I'd post some pics. Perhaps others can add photos of their own gear?

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Castor: FrogLegs Aluminium Hub Soft Roll 5" in green
Wheel: 25" Spinergy LX in green
Tyre: Kenda Konstrictor in gray/green

Comment: The spokes are a light, bright green, almost a neon. The tyres are a great match (as well as pretty much the only green wheelchair tyres around, anyway). The castors are a darker green, closer to what most people probably think of when you say the word "green". Perhaps a tad darker than they look in the photo. Nice castors, but not a close colour match, IMHO, to the Spinergy spokes or the tyres.

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Castor: FrogLegs Aluminium Hub Soft Roll 3" in red
Wheel: 25" Spinergy SLX in red
Tyre: Primo Racer in red

Comment: Again, the castor is probably a little darker, but close enough for me! I'm not a huge fan of red, but when I managed to save up enough for my own set of Spinergies, I wanted the tyres to match and my only options seemed to be the red, yellow, or blue of Primo Racers, or the pink of the Kenda Court tyres Sportaid has. I didn't want yellow or pink, and I'd seen blue Spinergy spokes paired with blue Primo Racers before and found them too different in shade (the tyre blue struck me as a standard primary colour blue, while the spokes were more of an electric blue), so that left red. And here they are, a couple of years on and hopefully not showing their age too much.

On the wishlist for me now? Orange-spoked Round Betty Dinos with orange/grey Kenda Konstrictor tyres, and matching RB castors (once they're actually on the market). Will be ages before I can afford them, but I can dream. :-)