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Thread: Standing wheelchair covered under insurance?

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    Standing wheelchair covered under insurance?

    Has anybody had any luck getting a standing wheelchair covered by health insurance? Or any other agency like the DVR?

    I'm setting my sites on the or maybe the Or a different wheelchair?

    I am looking to mainly make it safe and easy for me to stand up to maintain that bone shit rather than falling in my braces. I would also like to use it to stand at my computer at a standing desk, cook, do laundry. Is there anything else I could add to help my case?


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    You are going to have a hard sell to convince an insurance company that you need a standing wheelchair as a medical necessity. There is no evidence that passive standing like this helps with bone density, and most insurances (including Medicare) do not see it as a medical necessity to do the other things you describe above more easily.

    DVR might help pay for one if you were able to prove that there was some aspect of your job that you could not do unless in a standing position and that function could not be accommodated by your employer to be done seated. Worker's comp generally follows that criteria as well.

    Keep in mind too that a standing manual chair is HEAVY, and will put a lot of stress on your shoulders if you have this as your only chair for mobility in the home and community.


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    I have an old Levo stander that I used early in my gimp career when I still did mechanical work at my shop ( You are welcome to have it if you can pick it up. I'm in NW NJ.

    I also have a Fredom Ryder, circa 1997, that has about 30 miles on it that anyone who can come get it is welcome to. It will need new tires! And I liberated one axle, but they are the same as wheelchair ones.
    Helmet and Jay sits-pad included.

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    What are the measurements on your old Levo? do you have a photo?

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    I'm 5' 11", 200lbs and it fit OK.
    The biggest problem with it: it's a clunker! It's not lightweight and it is bigger than our standard type chairs; it requires more room to maneuver. I have a foreign car repair shop ( and prior to my injury in 95, was the chief tech and problem solver. I got this chair and used it a lot early on, doing silly things until I calmed down and realized I could reorganize my shop and get me into a new groove. What really killed this chair for work use was that I have a tiny office/work-station in the shop (it was formerly a bathroom). The Levo can't turn around in this cramped space-I had to back it out.
    But it was wonderful to be able to stand under a car on the lift and get hands-on. I would even hang onto suspensions or drive-shafts and pull up and move the chair to a new position if I needed to move.
    It'Name:  IMG_0662.jpg
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Size:  317.8 KBs also great for benchwork where you need to be at some intermediate height to do something.

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