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Thread: Wheelchair Handrims

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    I used this:
    It has a good grip, and I use gloves to protect my palms.

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    Blax. I've run vinyl, foam and now Blax. The best. Least slip when wet, best grip when dry, best durability. They all get hot when downhill braking, but these are still the best.

    And, for whatever reason, actually has better deal on these than the manufacturer.

    And to anyone considering spraying their already-coated handrims - careful. Some chemicals will eat rubber/foam/vinyl. For wheelchair rugby some guys spray stick-um with some type of solvent in it on their gloves, eats the Blax pushrims.

    Curious what others have said about Q-grip. My C5 buddy (no triceps or wrist function) takes apart his chair doing car transfers and is rough on his stuff. His Q's are still in one piece after three years of abuse. He loves them.

    A while back the Blax were not holding up, now the recent (year or so) ones are tough again. Maybe the Q's went through a similar stint of lesser-quality?

    The problem with any/all coated handrims seems to be how well the coating is bonded to the metal underneath. They're no good if the coating flakes off at the slightest impact. The 2 sets of Blax I have now are great.

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    I'm not a quad but I have minor grip issues. The natural fits help me because of the wider flat surface against your palm, so I could see that combined with a grippy glove or maybe that spray could be very useful for someone pushing with their palm. My current wheels have the grippy thumb rings with the natural fits, and so I mostly push with my thumb on the grippy ring, and my palms with gloves against the flat part of the natural fit. My first two fingers loosely grip around the ring, but my ring and pinkly fingers don't make a lot of contact with the rim (but do more so than with regular round ones) because my ulnar nerve damage. I use work/gardening type gloves that fit snug and are dipped in a rubbery/grippy stuff on the palm. In the summer, I wear ones that have all the fingers and the thumb cut short. In the winter I usually wear the pairs with the full thumb because it makes it easier to put on and take off my mittens for outdoors. They're really cheap and I have a bunch of pairs so I just rotate to throw them in the wash. I do recommend using high quality scissors to cut off the fingers, the ones I used regular scissors on started to unravel a bit on top without the dip requiring trimming. The ones I used my sewing scissors on stayed together.
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    I asked my friend tonight what he used on his tennis chair pushrims and it is 3M spray on adhesive, like this Spray on and let it dry and the pushrims will be more grippy.
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    i'm a C6 quad and had Q grips for 18 months. I like them, mine have held up really well. Much better than foam, vinyl or silicone covers i have tried. Also much smaller diameter than its competitors, which i like. Just ordered a some more to go with my just ordered chair.

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    I've never heard of Blax. What is it exactly? Rubber-like, neoprene?

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    Do you get chunks out of the Q-grips like some of the other coatings?

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    My experience with Q-grips has been overwhelmingly positive. After about two years they are still in good shape. The vinyl coated rims I had previously were shredded with long tears in less than one year. The Q-grips have suffered a number of small (less than 1/4") cuts, mostly from the sharp edges of my van floor mounted Easy-lock base, but these are easily fixed with a drop of Super Glue fixtured with Scotch tape until dry. None of these repairs has reopened. I have only one cut that resulted in a loss of some rubber coating. Something sharp cut out a little piece (less has 1/4" across) that was lost.
    I'm a C7 with no grip but dry, these rims with leather gloves grip enough to get me up anything I can go up without tipping over backwards. When wet, I have almost no grip at all.
    I've heard good things about Blax, but two friends got them about the time I bought the Q-grips. Their Blax were destroyed with long tears after less than a year. Individual results seem to vary a lot with these things.
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    Harness Designs were the gloves I used to use for racing - they make a day chair glove too:

    Super grippy rubber. Like tooley, I would caution against the sticky stuff - we used the same stuff in racing (european handball klister) - it's sticky, but incredibly messy too - it gets everywhere, and it's really hard to clean off, like level 11 impossible to clean off.

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