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Thread: Wheelchair Handrims

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    A lot - same surface as Q grip.

    The non-coated ones are exactly as slippery/non-sticky as regular round push rims, but the added purchase from more contact area makes them feel (and perform) a lot grippier. The biggest difference I found was when I really squeezed the push rims - the round ones just aren't the right shape, so my middle finger kind of hooks under, and my distal knuckle sees a lot of stress (I've got a bit of bursitis in it from strain).

    The Carbo-Life ones let me squeeze, and grab more surface area, and are a shape that is much more natural for my hand/fingers to form to.
    Jeff, I've been using Natural Fits for 4 years or so, and have been happy with them, but the cross section of the Curve L looks to be much more ergonomic. Would you say that they are significantly better than the Natural Fits? Thanks...
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    The shape of the CarboLife ones gives almost 100% purchase in terms of contact area, and I can grip/squeeze as hard as I need to without it putting any weird stresses on my joints - I have pretty badly damaged hands from smashing my fists into the pushrings of my racing chairs for 20 years, and any side-load on my knuckles causes a lot of pain - the CarboLife rims have all but eliminated it.

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    Here is an update on the longevity of my Q-grips. My last pair of them had almost a 4 year life. Toward the end of 4 years, I started getting slits in the side of the pushrims. At C7, I don't have hand grip strength so when I push, I push on the top of the rim. When I brake going downhill, I drag my hands on the side of the rim. So the top of the rim gets a lot of use but very little sliding between the rim and my hand. The side of the rim gets a lot of sliding and since my street has some nice hills on it, the rim gets pretty hot sometimes when I'm going downhill. For reference, I use leather palm ADI gloves. The Q-grips are failing where I drag my hands going downhill. These are not cuts from anything external and sharp, but appear to be just some sort of internal fatigue failure. It may be that the bond between the coating and the metal rim fails first and then the coating fails in shear. Whatever the failure mode is, it's very uniform. In a few months I went from having a few small slits to more than 15 on the two rims with some of the slits 3 or 4 inches long. Yesterday, I glued them shut using 3M weather strip adhesive, but I don't expect that to last. I still think Q-grips are the best option for me. I have new Q-grips on order and will install them when I figure out what I want to do about my Marathon Plus tires (separate thread).

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    New Q-grips installed today. I had forgotten how soft and grippy they are when new. Quite different than when 4 years old, though both are functional.

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