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A lot - same surface as Q grip.

The non-coated ones are exactly as slippery/non-sticky as regular round push rims, but the added purchase from more contact area makes them feel (and perform) a lot grippier. The biggest difference I found was when I really squeezed the push rims - the round ones just aren't the right shape, so my middle finger kind of hooks under, and my distal knuckle sees a lot of stress (I've got a bit of bursitis in it from strain).

The Carbo-Life ones let me squeeze, and grab more surface area, and are a shape that is much more natural for my hand/fingers to form to.
Jeff, I've been using Natural Fits for 4 years or so, and have been happy with them, but the cross section of the Curve L looks to be much more ergonomic. Would you say that they are significantly better than the Natural Fits? Thanks...