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Thread: Wheelchair Handrims

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    Quote Originally Posted by glively View Post
    I've never heard of Blax. What is it exactly? Rubber-like, neoprene?
    Rubbery. I really don't know what neoprene actually is/feels like. Check out the link JK posted. I loved my foam, when they were cheap, until I started wheeling into the steamroom at the pool. They absorbed moisture, swelled up and I could actually spin the coating around the metal ring.

    At the end of the day it's about what suits your driving style and budget. If you tend to bump into stuff and catch your handrims on sharp edges wheeling in tight quarters then I would almost say forget it. I know guys with zero grip that run metal pushrims because they just got tired of buying/replacing expensive coated handrims. Indoors they push off the tires, going up/down hills they wear gloves/cuffs to grip. Gloves are cheaper and easier to replace.

    I nicked one of my BLAX on something last week and am ever so pissed. Anybody got a good idea to glue a 1/2" sliced portion of coating back onto the metal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooley View Post
    I nicked one of my BLAX on something last week and am ever so pissed. Anybody got a good idea to glue a 1/2" sliced portion of coating back onto the metal?
    I have not tried it with Blax, but gel-type Superglue has worked well for all the cuts I've had in the Q-grips. Just squirt a drop into (and under for a cut as large as yours) and then cover with Scotch tape. The tape holds the rubber down and insures that the glue does not dry with a bump sticking up. The tape usually peels off on its own in a day or two, but the glue is probably fully dry in less than an hour. Low viscosity Superglue would likely work as well. I like the gel because it fills any small gaps in the coating.

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    Appreciate your input. I know I'd much rather have coated handrims than wear gloves. I'm inside more than outside, and I don't like wearing gloves inside. I'm going to see what my DME guy can get for me to try.

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    Well, durability is important to me, so thanks for your input. Nice to know they can be repaired as well.

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    As others said, I had Blax and now use Q-Grip, they seem to be better bonded to the aluminum and more durable. Yes, Superglue works but you need to be careful not to leave a bump when pressing down to glue. To me, no matter how good your gloves are, nothing will replace a good pair of tacky push rims, add the gloves and you have the best combo.

    As said on another thread, here are 2 other alternatives just coming out (pic of a camo version inserted for the bbraver):

    Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)

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    Not sure when I will get the demo to try, the owner just broke both legs in a face plant ... later.
    Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)

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    I will admit I did not read all the posts. But, just a suggestion, I am not a quad. I actually use bicycle gloved. The things are great and seem to last forever. Fit had very snug and very thin. If you want, I can find out the details of the gloves. But do some searching for bicycle gloves. You should end up with far more things to choose from. My gloves are bicycle.

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    We're going to be distributing the CarboLife hand rims in Canada - best I've ever seen, both coated and uncoated.

    They make two sized in both coated and uncoated - I got a set on Friday, and have been using the Curve L uncoated ones - they're an incredibly comfortable shape, and the coated ones have gone over really well with my dealers and facilities so far. I have grip strength issues from beating my hands up for so long from racing, and the shape gives me a lot more contact surface, which improves grip and lets me squeeze them hard without my joints hurting.

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    What kind of friction/heat do to the CarboLife rims generate when you're going down hill and gripping tightly? I am using Surge LT rims, which are great on flats and for pushing uphill. Downhill. . . not so great.

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    A lot - same surface as Q grip.

    The non-coated ones are exactly as slippery/non-sticky as regular round push rims, but the added purchase from more contact area makes them feel (and perform) a lot grippier. The biggest difference I found was when I really squeezed the push rims - the round ones just aren't the right shape, so my middle finger kind of hooks under, and my distal knuckle sees a lot of stress (I've got a bit of bursitis in it from strain).

    The Carbo-Life ones let me squeeze, and grab more surface area, and are a shape that is much more natural for my hand/fingers to form to.

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