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Thread: I cant be the only 1 using this

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    Thumbs up I cant be the only 1 using this

    I've given out a few of these locally to other wheelers since i usually have 2 on the back of my chair. Does anyone else use one ? Im the designated bag carrier now too !! huge azz carabiner !!!!!!!!!!
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    Pull my suitcase when traveling or giant hockey bag that way

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    I don't think I have any that large but have used them for years. First got some to clip watch on armrest so could see it. Then got adding more for getting bags clipped to push handles and armrests. Keep a few of metal med holders clipped with them onto pouches on armrests.
    Added them to zipper pulls on same pouches so could open/close pouches, I couldn't grasp small zipper pulls.

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    My husband has had the huge one on the back of his chair and I teased him about it! Now it's a cool, useful fashion statement.

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    Same as sledgrl...I pull my hockey bag with me or if my husband and I are both traveling together, I pull our big duffel with that. I also use it for training at the gym working on my explosive pushes (attach the cable machine to me and try pushing).
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    I use them to pull wagons around the property or the soccer fields. I pack all my kid's gear, water, soccer balls, etc on the wagon and pull it around. Sure beats them complaining their stuff is too heavy.

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