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Thread: Accuracy in color of the Ti Lite Wheelchairs

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    Accuracy in color of the Ti Lite Wheelchairs

    I'm getting my first Ti Lite chair and I've been checking out the colors. Does anyone own a pink or plum wheelchair? Is the plum dark or does it look more purple? In the photo's it looks so dark yet in other photo's it looks more purple. Also I'm wondering if the neon pink looks more like bubble gum or is it very bright--- I like the neon pink but not if it looks like pepto bismol lol. Can you post some pics or tell me your honest opinions of the color if you have that color chair? Thanks.

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    Upon email request, TiLite snail mailed me an 8.5x11 sheet of paint & anodize color chips. Here's a pic.
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    Another thing you can do is check out Ti's Twitter and Facebook page. They have a LOT of pictures of their chairs there - it's how I selected the color combo for mine (white pearl with sublime anodize package) and being able to see it on a photo of the chair itself helped a lot.

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    I'm at a retreat right now and one of the girls here has a neon pink Aero T. It's certainly a bold color, but it doesn't feel radioactive like a highlighter or have the pastel-ish feel of pepto. It looks good.

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    Thank you all for the help and for replying. I decided on neon pink with ultra violet package !!

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