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    Explaining what happened

    Dear friends,

    IDK if this a common problem, but people keep asking me what happened even after almost 10 years from my SCI. I can understand that someone that I never meet in my life wants to know why I'm a quad and why I'm using powered wheelchair. But when is about friends of my friends or my parents, and I'm sure that they know what happened how to answer to them?

    My in accident happened almost 10 years ago, when I was with some friends to the beach. We were playing and they throw me in the water. It wasn't for the first time, but that time I've hit the sand with my head, and my cervical bones brooked. I look stupid. I know. It is a lame accident, but it happened and now I'm struggling with this SCI life.

    Usually I tell them that we were playing and last time I've hit the sand. When I watch their face I can read of what they are thinking: ''you are so damn stupid''. Some of them are telling me: what a stupid accident.

    If you were in my case, how did you manage it? Do you have any advice for me? PM please if you consider that is necessarily.

    Thank you!!
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