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Thread: lost all faith in the medical world

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    as we speak i have and unstable fusion due to a botched fusion i had at the time of injury , and am hinged on the hardware , which is they only thing holding me up... when the hardware breaks it will be like getting injured all over again from the beginning..
    lost faith in our healthcare

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    I wasn't sure if I understood you correctly so I looked it up on the PA WC Website The hospital does not get pre-authorization from your WC insurer so it declines to allow the elective surgery because they don't know how much, or even if, they will get paid? As I said earlier, if your surgeon accepts WC patients without pre-authorization, he must have credentials to operate at hospitals that will do the same. Call tomorrow.
    They also seem to anticipate the participation of Attorneys. Texas WC did away with this years ago but you might want to look into it if things don't work out.

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    Thank you .. and Attorney will take 9 months to get a judgement on thru the court system..

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    and the pin ponging continues between hospital and insurance company...

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