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Thread: I'm probably moving to Vermont. How do I keep myself safe?

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    I'm probably moving to Vermont. How do I keep myself safe?

    So, I'm a chair user because of a progressive muscle weakness/ataxia issue - which means I'm seriously concerned about managing on snow and ice, as VT winters tend to bring. We're going to be pretty much directly on the Quebec border, so it's gonna be COLD.

    My original plan was to buy myself a pair of good knobby tires, but now I'm not sure if that'll be enough especially because I don't really even have the muscle strength to go up or down hills unassisted and I really don't want to slide into a ditch because I can't keep my wheels stable on snow. I'm not at all opposed to the idea of a power chair, especially since my manual is so difficult for me in general, but it isn't something I wanted to do just yet. Even so, if it's the difference between sliding down the street or falling out into gross snow and... Not, I'd make the jump sooner rather than later.

    Any suggestions? I'm so lost, and I only have about a year to get a plan in place and figure out the logistics.

    Thanks guys!

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    There four ways you can go with your existing chair.
    1. Firefly
    2. ZX-1
    3. E-Motions
    4. SmartDrive

    I live in Western Massachusetts, and I am able to get around most days with my manual chair with regular wheels. I have a second chair with E-Motion power assist wheels and when I put my Freewheel on the front, can get around in about 6" of snow. A ramp van makes life much easier.
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    Are you still moving to Vermont, Broadsey? I used to live up near St. Johnsbury and the winters were beyond brutal... bitter cold sub zero temps with whipping winds at times. I doubt you would want to venture out in weather like that. I was wondering if you had thought about a power chair. Might really empower you, so to speak. Rosie

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    A really good full power chair ... but I haven't heard anyone else complain about how cold it can be. I go a lot faster in my power than manual and the wind just kills my hand holding the joystick as well as my face from the wind of it!
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