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Thread: work for foreigners

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    work for foreigners

    hi, my family and I are crossing by a very difficult financial situation here in Mexico and we are willing to go to the USA to work, do you know or have some company that hires foreign people with dissabilities. thanks

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    They all do come to the good ole USA where you can stay here for free and have medical insurance for free but yet the actual citizens of the usa that are disabled can't even make it. Sure come here and we'll pay for you. But seriously i can tell you its not any better here than in mexico.

    sorry if i sound down its just i am tired of everyone coming to the us and we give them free insurance, schooling and money and jobs but we can't even take care of our own natural citizens. I have gone almost 10 years without seeing a dentist because well medicare and medicaid doesn't cover that service.
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