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Thread: Power chair questions

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    Power chair questions

    Hi all! I am starting the hunt for a new power chair (mine is 6.5 and starting to need some major repairs). Since technology changes so quickly I don't know who is considered the better chairs these days. I want to go into my seating clinic appointment having some knowledge since I know how these guys work. I was told my current chair (Quantum 6000z) could handle grass and dirt. It does an ok job if the ground is completely dry but hit a soft spot and I get very stuck since you cant even lift the front wheels out of it. Same goes for snow. Any current brands/models work well for both indoor and outdoor living? Also, my chair tilts which is a cool feature but I see some can now raise up too. Does this feature actually work so as to be useful or does it break too much to ever bother using it or still doesn't give you enough height to make any difference? Thanks for any insights you have!!

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    Technology on powerchairs hasn't really changed that much, other than a few bells and whistles. I prefer rear wheel drive chairs for off pavement. I've been using a Quickie 626 and it has been very good to me. They are discontinued but the 636-646 is basically the same chair with updated electronics.

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    Grass and dirt can be a problem for most chairs. I had a mid wheel Invacare TDX that worked pretty well in the dirt/grass but did occasionally get stuck. Best not to stop and try to make sharp pivoting turns. Just got a new Permobil M400. I haven't tested it off road yet. Seems like it will be similar to the Invacare.

    I have an elevating seat on my new chair. It raises 8 inches max. I find it very useful. I can now reach upper cabinets that I have never been in before. I can see into a pot on the stove and now my face isn't so close to the BBQ grill. I can see it being very useful when needing to access elevate exam or X-ray tables. Should help with transfers to higher hotel beds too. It doesn't go up and down very fast and the chair reduces the top driving speed when the seat is elevated.

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    Bounder powerchairs will go thru anything.. well most anything.

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    Tires make a lot of difference. Standard powerchair tires are narrow and don't have a very aggressive tread pattern. I had snow tires installed on my Permobil C500 and they are wider so there are more lugs to push or pull and much less likely to get stuck. Did help in wet grass a lot.
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