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Thread: Being Happy

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    Being Happy

    You know you want to! happiness is is only one version. ppl who Don?t have SCI are still an unhappy,Going to their own inner torments. that will always be a person who will have it better than us, and there will always be a person to have a much worse situation than ours. Having this dis-ease is only a sign that we went wrong somewhere, that we are being forced to look at things from a different perspective, that we always have to option to let life go, to find the beauty in everything, to make others wants to live life and be happier because if we can do it then they sure can also, to be giving, to heal ourselves and to understand what exactly happened in our bodies, to make the best of the situation now we were given or rather that we chose to undertake... yes we are spinal cord injured... yes we would have died most likely if it wasn't for today's medicine, yes we can view ourselves as slaves to humanity, but we are also very important to the living creatures on earth today, and this life is not always just about us... or I...

    just expressing things I have been through and learned... and may have to relearn.

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    "Having this dis-ease is only a sign that we went wrong somewhere"
    there is no right, there is no wrong. only how will you be with it.

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    I suck my words back in...You're absolutely right. it's just I noticed how immature I was prior to my accident... and that's what I noticed and considered to call it "wrong"

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