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Thread: Wheelchair Airline Travel Cases

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    Wheelchair Airline Travel Cases

    We have just released our brand new wheelchair airline travel cases for both rigid style and manual style wheelchairs. Love to get the members thoughts on our new products. Thanks in advance
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    Nice idea.
    I'm not visualizing how I''d have the opportunity to put the cover on our rigid chair once the airline personnel have transferred my husband to the petite aisle chair and then into his airplane seat. As soon as he's secured, all the other passengers stream in. Somewhere in between, his tagged chair is taken into storage.
    Also : How do your clients designate that the covered chair is to be brought to the airplane door after the flight and not sent into the luggage carousel?

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    Wheelchair Travel/Lifting Cases

    Hi, we have just launched our brand new wheelchair travel cases and I would love to get your feed back. First we have our original wc caddy lifting/travel case for manual wheelchairs. Secondly is our brand new rigid style travel case that works for both folding and fixed back non folding wheelchairs. Thanks in advance, and yes we have a VA contract so if you are a Vet and your therapist deems it beneficial to you, they can order one. Thanks again
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    It comes with its own case that measures 28x24x6 and can be easily installed at the gate. Then its carries down into the plane while the customer is in the asil chair. Then they bring it back after your flight, remove it, place back into its case and bam, all done. Here are some more pics
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    Our facebook page is
    and our website is
    Would be happy to answer any and all questions, pretty excited about our protection systems. We have been working with United Airlines for the last 11 months to address wheelchair damage on their airline.
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    The pictures are nice and quite sufficient.

    The 3/28/14 letter about your partnership with United Airlines is interesting. We fly in and out of their Texas hub.

    What effect does your partnership have on United Airlines wheelchair-user customers? Has UA purchased your WC Caddy for passenger use? If so, are they available in all UA hubs?

    Will United Airlines inform me of the option to rent or purchase your WC Caddy when we check in with a wheelchair passenger? Is there anything pertaining to use of this item on UA's website?

    If I do not use a WC Caddy and United Airlines damages the chair, will the United Airlines Baggage Resolution Service Center now be able to deny responsibility?

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