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Thread: Occasional use off-road wheels on a budget???

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    Wow ! great job obviously !
    Some picts could be an help, especially for the brake mods (I didn't understand well
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    Sorry, don't really have any photos...

    I agree the brake description wasn't very clear, so I will try a bit more... I use side-swinging 'snap' brakes, but it really doesn't make a lot of difference, as most brakes I've seen, particularly the ones intended for use on a lot of different chair models, are based on the same construction idea. The moving parts of the brake are mounted on a round shaft or bar that slides in and out of a clamp to adjust the amount of pressure the brake applies to the tire when engaged.... This design allows a lot of flexibility as it allows an easy choice among the many different styles and operating methods of brakes without needing any other modification to the chair.... Since both personal tastes and the ability to operate a given mechanism varies this is an important feature...

    The exact design of the clamp varies from chair to chair, so my approach won't work for a lot of folks, but on my chair (a Quickie Q-7) the clamp has two sets of bolts, one that secures the clamp in position on the chair frame, and the other that secures the brake bar... Normally one would leave the frame half of the clamp in place and just make adjustments by sliding the brake bar back and forth...

    Since I needed to fit a wide range of tire diameters, from the 'Mako Kik' solid tires (estimated 25-540 size, measured diameter 588mm) to the off road wheels (78-507, estimated diameter 697mm) I found that if I pushed the brake bar all the way into the clamp, and then set the clamp to the right place on the frame to work with the Mako tires, which were the smallest diameter I ever expect to use, then I could simply leave the clamp in place, and slide the bar out as far as it should go and it would be in the right position to work on the large tires.... This means that I can reset the brake position without needing to do a lot of fiddling to get the adjustment right....

    Hope this helps...
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