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Thread: mini vans

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    mini vans

    I've been driving a full-sized Ford Econoline van for many years. Now, Ford is discontinuing this line so I am pretty much forced into getting a minivan. I use an Invacare power chair which, in my opinion, is large and bulky. I'd like to hear from others who use this type chair for driving. Do you feel like you're a monster and a tiny place? Hoping to hear from others. TIA

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    Have you looked into the ZX1 power add-on, made by Spinergy, invented by a quad? It's on YouTube. Don't know if you need more support in a chair, but the ZX1 works very well for me (non SCI para) - I use a full size Ford van, and will be in the same boat. Hubby is in a chair too, so mini-van won't work.

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    I know a lot of people in fairly large power chairs who drive mini-vans from their chair. It can be a bit tight getting your chair positioned, but with practice it is do-able. Have you tried out any accessible mini-vans at local dealers or someplace like the Abilities Expo?


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    Oh man I had no idea I love my full size Ford vans!

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    In the past, I have sat in the driver's position of minivans at my local Ride Away conversion company. I always feel so cramped that I've continued to stay with full-size despite the fact that their gas guzzlers. Anyway, as much as I hate change I believe this is necessary. Still looking for people to tell their story!

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    Can the floor be lowered on the Chevys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary-Jane View Post
    Can the floor be lowered on the Chevys?
    "...Rollx Vans offers two options in the Chevy/GMC full size vans: a full cut 6” lowered floor or a raised roof. We lower the floor to maintain the factory roofline and body profile, while still providing ample headroom and space for interior maneuvering...."
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    I feel your pain. While I am not driving from a power chair, I drive for a power chair. Because of Ryan's height and chair, he cannot get into a mini van without bending over and pretty much loading blind. We use a full size Chevy van conversion with a raised roof. It is a beast to drive, especially on curvy roads. A dropped floor may give more head space for loading but also subjects your lift to a serious increased probability for damage from the very low clearance. Just my thoughts.
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    I would never raise the roof of a full sized or mini van but I am tall and my fear with the mini van is they would have to really lower the floor as much as possible and I could bottom out.

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