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Thread: Met an asshole today

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    Met an asshole today

    I took my dog out for one of our regular runs. I parked my van at a local park and off we went for our run. After about an hour, we were back ready to get into the van and drive home.

    Sitting beside my van, parked in the stripes between the "van accessible" parking spot and the handicap spot on the other side of the stripes, was someone's SUV. I wasn't able to leave. My van has a lift that you enter and exit on the side.

    The parking lot was absolutely full. There was some event at the park. My dog and I went over to the action, looking for someone in charge. When I found someone behind a table who looked in charge, I told him that someone was blocking the handicap spot I was in and I would wait a few minutes before I called the police. He came out with me and saw the SUV parked on the stripes and said he would go see if he could find the owner.

    I sat there about 4 or 5 minutes before some lady came out, smiling at me, and saying she was just dropping off something. No one does this without getting a lecture from me. When I asked her didn't she realize this was a handicap spot, she had the gall to tell me the spot was not a handicap spot but just a "no parking" spot (like that would really make any difference and would therefore be ok for her to park in it). I don't think I ever convinced her that the stripes beside the handicap parking spot is part of the handicap spot.

    She didn't just "absorb" the lecture; she wanted to argue back, never really accepting that she really shouldn't park there. I did let her know she was an asshole on several occasions. At some point she said "why don't you take down my license number and report me to the police?". And another "I said I'm sorry, what do you want?".

    I told her what I wanted was for her to get her car out of the handicap spot and never park in one again. Finally, she got in her car and pulled out, instead of arguing with me that, somehow, it was ok to park in the handicap stripes. Asshole.
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    Look up the parking mobility app and lobby to get it adopted in your city/county/state. You'll be able to issue tickets in about 60 seconds.
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    People are amazingly selfish. You should have called the cops.

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    I had a similar asshole park beside me twice last week in the parking deck. They just pulled into the white striped area between handicap parking spaces like it was another space. I just have a manual chair, and the first time I was able to get in with no great difficulty. The second day they parked closer, and I was just barely able to get into my car with a little acrobatics.

    Unfortunately on both occasions I had to "rest" my door against the side of their car (perhaps a little more aggressively than necessary), and on the second day it was actually quite difficult for me to flip my chair around to get the second wheel off. I ended up scratching their car a fair bit. Fortunately I don't really care about my car door or a few extra scratches on their chair... either way it was somewhat satisfying to see the damage done to their car as I pulled out... it was brand new.

    I'm considering installing a strip of sandpaper or something like skateboard grip tape on the edge of my door to "protect" it when I run into these situations in the future.

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    I keep an orange cone in my van as a result of getting parked in so many times. If I park anywhere that I think I might have the slightest chance of being parked in (usually full parking lots are good for this)(and Walmart), I bust out my orange cone and put it on the lined area. I usually place it toward the back part of the parking spot so people see it before they even try to pull into the lined area. This also works great as a DIY handicap parking spot for when all the handicap spots are taken in a parking lot - I'll park next to an open spot on my right and when I get out, I put a cone at the entrance of the next spot. I've done this several times and haven't had an issue with it yet.

    Orange cone link:

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    It isn't only able bodied people who are not respectful of the loading zone of handicapped parking spaces. A couple of days ago, NL and I went to the lab for a blood test. There were two handicapped parking spots. We parked in the left most one to give me room to deploy my side access ramp. We came out of the lab to find a car with a handicapped placard parked 2/3 on to the loading zone and 1/3 in the handicapped parking space. There wasn't enough room for me to deploy the ramp and load into the van. NL had to back the van out enough to allow access. Clearly the driver of the car just swung into the space without taking the time to back up and reposition his car so as not to block access on the loading zone. NL left a note.

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    When I got my van a couple months ago, I ordered this magnet that has the disabled picture and says "Wheelchair Access. Please Do Not Block. Thank You!" The VERY FIRST day I used it, I had backed into the only open handicap space so that the crosshatching was on my left to unload my chair. As I was getting back in my vehicle, my phone rang. After I answered it some guy swings into the space on the other side of the crosshatch (now empty) halfway across it. It looked like he did it to give his wife room, it looked like she might have been limping. But jesus fucking christ I was so pissed. If I had just parked, I wouldn't have been able to get out. If I had left the store just a few minutes later I wouldn't have been able to get back into my vehicle. People are so selfish! If he needed the space on the passenger side, he should have fucking backed into the space like I did to have room on the correct side.

    I've been lucky enough to not have been completely trapped yet. The times its happened I was with my bf so he was able to reverse the vehicle so I could get in. I dread the first time I'm out alone and can't get back in my vehicle. Especially because I'm getting a lift soon, which will require a bit more room than me loading my chair myself.
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    I've been trapped out of my van a few times due to someone parking in the hatched area. I just stop a passerby and ask them to back my van out far enough to get the ramp out. I've never been turned down...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    I've been trapped out of my van a few times due to someone parking in the hatched area. I just stop a passerby and ask them to back my van out far enough to get the ramp out. I've never been turned down...
    How do they back your van out if there is no seat in the driver's position?

    All the best,

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    I really like this idea, including the app!
    Quote Originally Posted by endo_aftermath View Post
    Look up the parking mobility app and lobby to get it adopted in your city/county/state. You'll be able to issue tickets in about 60 seconds.
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