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Thread: Met an asshole today

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    GJ, I don't drive from my chair.
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    well done for giving her a lecture. fucking so typical of people these days though to start arguing on a technicality. if it was me id go fair enough, you got me sorry mate.

    When someone gets you bang to rights...fucking own up to it instead of acting like you are some sleaze bag lawyer.

    Good on you for standing up for your/our rights
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    GJ, I don't drive from my chair.
    Thanks Donno, I get it, sorry it didn't occur to me before.

    All the best,

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    Motorcycles think the cross hatch spots are theirs. Lazier people think that is where shopping carts should be stored. There should be sign that says parking there will be a $500 fine.
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    Agree 24/7. Motorcyclists are some of the worst offenders.
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    Before I got my safety cone, I had started using a chalk marker when I got parked in. I would leave an angry yet polite note on the person's driver-side window using the chalk marker. If I just complain to myself, the asshole isn't going to know that they're an asshole. If I write a paper note, they can just throw it away without really even looking at it. If I write on their window with a calk marker, they have to clean it off, and that takes a little more effort. It comes off easily with just water, but at least it's inconveniencing them a little bit after they've inconvenienced me a lot.

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    A chalk marker, that's a great idea. More time efficient than parking them in and waiting, got to run this by my wife.
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    Thanks all for your support. I do like the idea of some kind of "revenge" that you don't get too arrested for. The chalk marker sounds good. At the time, I thought of letting the air out of her tires but that would have blocked me in even longer.

    I tried to take a pic with my cell phone but couldn't remember how (I took one with it when I got the phone a couple of years ago). If I remember to take my camera, if it happened again, I would get a picture of the vehicle and license number with the intent to post a picture at the park (or where the incident happened) to try to embarrass the person into better behavior. And I would let the person know I was planning on posting the pic and reposting every time I came to the park.

    A little more revenge might be to get some special printed bumper stickers that read "I park in handicap spots. I'm an asshole."
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    Ugh motorcycles. Especially the repeat offenders. When I see people, I always approach them politely and start with "you probably didn't know this, but its illegal to park in the blue crosshatching." When its obvious they're not giving a flying fuck as I speak, I end with "and sometimes people with ramps will just go ahead and deploy their ramp on top of your motorcycle. I understand the frustration and all, imagine being trapped unable to get back into your vehicle! You don't want your bike to get damaged" I have no idea if anyone has ever deployed their ramp on top of a motorcycle, but I think it sounds good and if a little scare tactics work then great.
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    I've gotten hemmed in numerous times in full sized, lift on side, van. For years now we have used the Braun tri-fold lift that has the optional cut-out to the left of the normal entry way, so if a car is too close you can enter from the side of the lift. No, not a perfect solution, but has worked well.
    If my memory is serving me, I think that section on the side is removeable, but I believe our lift was installed without that entry, just a 2" (?) edge there, and we had to later return to vendor to have that section removed.

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