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    Miss the old chat function.

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    I know this has probably been covered. I remember chatting here around 2012 or so. I know the forum has undergone changes since then. Has anyone broached the subject of starting the chat room back up again or is that not something that anyone is really interested in doing?
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    It's almost 2017, are chat rooms still a thing?

    (but on the other hand, I'm down for a chat room, it'll make me nostalgic for the good ole AOL days)

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    I'm celebrating the 21st anniversary of my 25th birthday, so I'm in relic state when it comes to chat. I'm usually down for a chat after 8pm EST.
    CCS/Walker's a long story

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    What time is that over here?! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megatrig View Post
    What time is that over here?! Lol
    Where is "over here"??? Since you don't indicate your location in your profile, it is impossible for anyone to answer you!


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    I would be into a chat room too!

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    Megatrig was omni-present on Apparelyzed since July 2007. He's "pulling your leg". Stratford-upon-Avon, UK is where he hides out. And he knows very well what time it is.
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    Mega...I think my 8pm is your 1am...we can do this thing!

    But only if you wear that Riff Raff wig. I still have my Magenta french maid outfit and it still fits...time warp???
    CCS/Walker's a long story

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    A chat room would be groovy, had some great conversations way back when...

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