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    Quick follow-up.... I am finally taking my friend to the VA tomorrow to try to get medical benefits. His wife submitted an application to the VA already by mail, and claims that they stated he is ineligible due to "high income". I haven't seen the rejection letter yet, and suspect there is an error. As best as I can tell, he is Category 6 due to his radiation exposure. His only major medical problem is advanced COPD. Is it true that Category 6 folks do not get ANY benefits if their income is above the eligibility threshold? Our friends have little assets, but their combined pensions are a bit over the local VA "income threshold" of $50k. But this year they have more that $15k in out of pocket medical expenses. Their uncovered dental/vision/hearing aids/oxygen/dme etc... costs are killing them. It is really a shame if they don't qualify for VA benefits, but I am hoping their application wasn't assessed properly.

    We'll try going to their VA offices tomorrow, and if unsuccessful, will see the local VFW office (which has a longer wait than the VA).

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    If the VA doesn't welcome him with open arms, go to your congressman, senator. They will be glad to straighten things out for you. You might call The Tribune and TV. They would love to do a story about a WWII vet getting grief from the VA.

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    Good news. We went to the VA today and spoke to the guy in charge of the VA applications. He agreed that the rejection letter was a mistake, and he qualified for VA benefits. He was quite apologetic, admitting that some of their employees weren't as careful as they should be..... He qualified as category 6 for his combat time and for the radiation exposure in Japan. So now all the paperwork is corrected. He said it would take 3 to 6 months to determine if there is a service connection, once we get that process started...... Less hopeful about that. Because of their income level, there will be modest co-pays. They are hoping for help getting a rollator, wheelchair and hearing aids. He has his first VA doctor appointment next Monday.

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    Great news!!

    I am cat7, am not service connected, and have modest copays; the VA has provided (with no copay) my hearing aids, wheelchair, wheelchair lift for our car, and modular ramp for our house.

    Note that the VA charges only one copay per day, so try to group as many appointments on the same day as possible. I have had as many as four appts the same day, and been billed only one copay.

    See the 1173.## series of VHA Handbooks for more info.
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    I really appreciate this info. His wife is so happy they will cover hearing aids. He wouldn't have gotten them otherwise, as they are too expensive. I didn't realize they might not even have a co-pay for dme. Nice...

    Interesting about the "one copay per day". Thanks again. I'll check out the links.

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