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Thread: Family trip to Disneyworld

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    Family trip to Disneyworld

    We plan to go to Disney this spring. I have an 8yo and a 6 yo. Any advice, resources, etc would be appreciated! I utilize a power chair, injury level c5/6

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    I've been to Disney World three times, twice as AB and once in a wheelchair (T11-12). The people there were very accommodating, and their employees all seem to be happy with good attitudes. They moved me and my family to the front of the line at rides. And let me sit in the shade out of the sun to wait. There were some rides that I just couldn't go on. I needed to transfer, and the seating space was too limited for me to transfer onto, but they tried just the same. They even stopped a ride, diverting a car. They tried to assist my transfer, but it was no use--not enough leg room for me. Disney tries very hard to make the experience the best they can. However, there are some people who try to cheat.

    While outside the gate one day, we saw three girls come out of the park laughing. One of them was in a wheelchair. That one jumped up and switched places with one of the other girls, so they could go back and let the other girl be the gimp for a change. Disgusting!

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    Thank you, these are very informative!

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    Can you get out of your chair? On your own or with family help?

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