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Thread: Posting guidelines

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    Posting guidelines

    One of my posts about the new Icon price got moved from "Equipment" to "Manufacturers". I understand that the moderators have a difficult job to do, but I think it's unfortunate that the posting guidelines are so strict as to prevent me from announcing Icon news in the "Equipment" forum.

    I posted about Icon's new price in "Equipment" and that thread got 400 views, and also posted in "Manufacturers" and that one has 75, so clearly, the "Equipment" thread is the best place to post if you have news about equipment.

    Before posting in "Equipment", I had sent a PM to Shaun, one of the moderators, to ask where I should post (Manufacturers or Equipment) and have still not received a reply message, so after waiting for 24 hrs, I posted in both. One of the moderators (either Shaun or Kurt) shifted me down to a thread that fewer people pay attention to (Manufacturers), still with no message back to me.

    The reason this is important to me is because the dialogue we (Icon) gets back is very influential in how we approach design, and I really hope we can hit a good sweet spot to allow the manufacturers (not just Icon) to participate as much as possible.
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    The Manufacturers and Vendors forum was set up specifically for this purpose...promotion of and discussion of company's products. Those types of posts are not supposed to be in the Equipment forum any longer. I moved your thread. Neither Shaun nor Curt (not Kurt) are very active any more on the forums, or as moderators. Shaun has not visited CareCure since June.


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    Equipment comes up before the Manufacturers and Vendors forum. Those reading it in M and V may be repeaters from the Equipment forum. BTW I see all the posts: Forum/New Posts/Activity Stream
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    We also only allow one post, in one forum, about any topic. Duplicates, such as posted in both the Equipment and Vendors and Manufacturers, as above, are and have been removed.


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    Ok - thanks for the info - still not sure why the distinction though, and still not sure where that leaves me - if a non-Icon employee was to post in Equipment about a reduction in price, would it stay up?

    Am I allowed to post in Equipment about changes in design, just not price?

    If those guys aren't moderators, can you make that obvious - they're still named as moderators when you scroll down on the Equipment thread page. I've sent both of them PM's to ask for guidance, and gotten no reply, which makes sense now.

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    @nonoise - I posted in M&V first, got very few views, and in the absence of guidance from Curt or Shaun posted in Equipment, and got 5X the views. I think eople just aren't going to the M&V thread - I barely go to look at it because it gets very little action, and the stuff going on in Equipment is much more interesting to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    . . . BTW I see all the posts: Forum/New Posts/Activity Stream
    Great info. I have always started directly in Equipment; I'll now start in New Posts. Thanks.

    And now I've found answers to my anti-tipper questions
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    I've been here 6 years and didn't know there was a Manufacturers forum. I think that says a lot. I go straight to the equipment forum to learn about the latest on equipment. I would prefer if Icon and others could keep posting to Equipment.

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    I think part of the confusion is how the forums are shown by default. You only see the SCI Community Forums unless you specifically expand the Exchange Forums.

    Personally, I think it would make more sense to have a dedicated "Equipment Forum" with sub-forums that are named more understandably. Here is my attempt at it with keeping the same posts as now so that posts don't need to be moved:

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