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Thread: Icon Wheelchairs - new US pricing for the Icon A1 - $2,595 msrp

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    Have you seen the new vicair? They have improved covers, and the inner cushion is improved and breathable. My DME guy was saying the new covers are really impressive. I like the increased breath-ability, thats the biggest issue I have with the vicair. I asked and he said the new inner part would work fine with my cover and air cells, so I wonder how much it would cost to just replace that.

    I'm interested in trying out a stimulite for the increased air flow, and get even lower. But I was able to get completely low enough in the Icon with my vicair cushion. I had my roommate take a picture to show the OT. I've got my 25 wheels on it, and my fingers can reach the center of the axle easy. In my chair, they're a good couple inches away. So if I don't like the stimulite (hoping to be able to try one out at the evaluation) I'll go ahead and stick with my vicair. Maybe in the future upgrade to the newer more breathable one.
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    I haven't seen the new one. Mine is working great so I'm good. Anyway I'm due for a new chair in a year (4th year order anniversary was last week). I have a spare foam cushion if need be.

    On second thought, I might already have the new cover. My original one tore, and the replacement is far sturdier. My inner case is not breathable.
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