There are millions of people living with and without disabilities who battle society?s perception of what is beautiful on a daily basis. For too long, we have accepted a limited definition of what is beautiful and have shied away from challenging perceptions. Well it?s time to change?
Enter 30 Days of Raw Beauty!
For the next 30 days, we are challenging our entire community to take to social media and rally support for Raw Beauty.
The Raw Beauty Project was born with a purposeful mission - to inspire the public to create new perceptions, transform stereotypes and breakthrough personal obstacles by expanding awareness of women with physical challenges.
Join us to support the disability community and help transform stigmas and redefine beauty. Here's how:
? Take a photo of yourself or anyone who inspires you with a sign that says #RawBeautyNYC
? Share your photo on social media using #RawBeautyNYC

? Suggested message:
I support #RawBeautyNYC. Do you? Post your photo & together let's transform stereotypes

Want to do more?
Please share this message with your family members, friends and colleagues so they too can join us and post their photos -- the more photos posted, the louder our collective voice is to break down barriers.
Watch a preview of the Raw Beauty Project NYC and get a sneak peek of a few off the Raw Beauty models at work.
Attend the groundbreaking photography exhibit that showcases the true beauty and sensuality of women living with disabilities with photos by high-profile photographers on September 20, 2014, at ACA Galleries in New York City.
Post your photo now. We will be keeping an eye out for #RawBeautyNYC tagged photos to share on our social media!
Take the Raw Beauty challenge and prove there is no singular definition of beauty, and we are all beautiful no matter the circumstance or story. Together, let?s ignite a global conversation, embrace the raw beauty that exists in each one of us and celebrate life!